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How to Use an Electronic Load to Test Battery Discharge Performance?

In traditional production, the voltage at both ends of the battery will drop continuously during the process of battery discharge. If we want to maintain a constant output current, we need to continuously reduce the discharge resistance.

However, it is difficult to control precisely through manual operation. At this time, we can use APM electronic load to solve this problem perfectly, which not only reduces the work of workers, but also improves the accuracy of testing.

In the application of battery charge and discharge test, in order to ensure the safe operation of the electronic load, the wiring can be carried out according to the following diagram. Close NO.1 NFB first to make the current pass through resistance R to avoid damage and aging of the internal components of the load caused by the instantaneous high voltage. After 5 seconds, close NO.2 NFB to start the discharge test.

APM electronic load menu, select the battery, enter the function setting interface, APM has three unique discharge modes (constant current\constant resistance\constant power) for customers to choose and use. And four test end conditions: end voltage\timeout \end watt\end ampere, if any test condition is met, the test will be stopped automatically.

Below is our customer using APM electronic load to test the battery discharge. This customer chooses the constant current mode, and starts the test after setting parameters such as discharge current\time\capacity\end voltage. APM electronic load can control the current accurately, and the interface will display the current loss of battery capacity and discharge time in real time. As the battery voltage gradually decreases, the electronic load is adjusted in time and accurately to stabilize the current. After a period of time, when the battery voltage drops to the end voltage value, the electronic load will immediately stop the test. Through the upper computer software of APM electronic load, we can export the real-time data table of the battery discharge. The test process is convenient and concise, and the result is accurate.

With the increasingly complete product line, strong R&D technical strength, and years of testing experience, APM Technologies continues to provide solutions in various fields.

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